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LOS ANGELES – Yesterday, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) joined Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and other elected officials to tour the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. During the tour, the group discussed the processing of goods through the ports, impacts on the supply chain and the important work being done to address infrastructure needs at our ports. In remarks following the tour, Congressman Lieu emphasized they ways in which the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will benefit communities in and around Los Angeles. The bill, which was signed into law late last year, will provide a once-in-a-generation $1 trillion investment in infrastructure that will create good paying jobs and keep America on the cutting edge.

Remarks as Delivered From Congressman Lieu:

Hello, I’m Congressman Ted Lieu and let me first say what it’s an honor for me to be in Congress with Congressmembers Barragan and Lowenthal.

I see firsthand the great job they do representing their constituents and the ports of LA and Long Beach on Capitol Hill. I’m also thrilled that Secretary Buttigieg is with us here today.

Remember, under the former administration, when we had bare shelves? Remember, under the former administration, when we ran out of toilet paper? That didn’t happen under the Biden Administration. And that’s in part due to the great work of the Secretary and the Department of Transportation.

Last year, Democrats delivered for the people by passing the American Rescue Plan. It was designed to jumpstart our economy, helping our economic recovery. And it worked. We now have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. We got more vaccines in people’s arms, schools reopened. We got money out to public safety and local governments to prevent layoffs. And then we follow that up with a transformative infrastructure and jobs bill.

I was proud of that part of the House Democratic leadership team that found a pathway to ‘yes’ and sent that bill to President Biden’s desk for a signature; Over $1 trillion to rebuild roads, bridges and highways; to get EV charging stations across America; to get lead out of our water pipes; and to put broadband into inner cities and rural areas and everywhere in between. And as you heard earlier, you’re getting streams of money not just from the federal government but from local jurisdictions in the state. And when we get all these matching funds, we can build bigger and better projects.

And so the message we are all gathered here to send today is that help is on its way. 

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