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Pelosi Remarks at Press Event on Inflation Reduction Act Lowering Drug Prices & Health Costs


Speaker Pelosi.  Thank you very much, Brad.  What he is giving you is an agenda of what we did working together.

I’m glad to be here with my colleagues, Peter Welch, Lauren Underwood, Susan Wild, Susie Lee of Nevada – and others will be coming in the course of the press conference.  And this is something that – I accept every compliment extended to me on behalf of the House Democrats, for their courage to get the job done.  But all of our inside maneuvering would not have added up to the success that Brad described without the outside mobilization – without the groups that are gathered here, without the storytellers telling their story. 

Yes, when we won the House in ‘06 it was because we went after the attempt by the Republicans to privatize Social Security.  It made a difference in people’s lives.  They knew it.  We won.  And then we were able to go forward to pass the Affordable Care Act.  And when it was under assault later, we were able to prevail to save it because of the storytellers: 10,000 events around the country of people telling their stories.  Not about provisions in the bill, but what it meant in their lives, their health, the health of their families, and saving their lives.  So we’ve all done this working together.


So I accept your kind remarks on behalf of the mobilization that made it possible, the courage of my Members to vote for some of the legislation that was mischaracterized in their district.  

But here we are today, to celebrate lower drug prices, better health care.  


Let me just say this: we’ve been working for a long time, Brad could attest – and thank you, Leslie, for your leadership.  Wonderful to be with you this morning – and Leslie can attest to this as well.  We’ve been trying for decades to enable the Secretary to negotiate for lower drug prices.  This is a kitchen table issue.  It is something that is of value to us, and we finally were successful in this legislation.  We want to do more, but we have kicked open that door.

And when we did – to get lower drug prices, negotiate for lower drug prices – and had the $2,000 cap, so important to our seniors.  Guess –  


You can clap for that.  Guess what Pharma said?  ‘Democrats are going to pay for this.’  Oh really?  Oh really?  Thank you for that challenge.  Because we’re taking our message to the American people, and we can only do it with our outside mobilization.  So, I thank everyone who is here for what they have done, what they will do.  

Let me say about Brad – he’s a force of nature.  When he talks about the things we did, he’s talking about many of the things he instigated, right, Leslie?  You, too.  And protect our care and all of the other – other groups that are part of that mobilization.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Outside mobilization makes all the difference in the lives of American people.

And if I just may say: extending the subsidies was a big fight for us.  And because of all of you were able to win that fight for three more years, which is – a really a remarkable thing.  So it’s not just about the lower prescription drug prices It’s about the lower cost of health care to families.  We promised we would do it.  We lowered costs.  We only could do it with you.

Let me add one last thing.  And that is – did I say that already?  Let me say this: preserving the planet is a health care issue, too.  Environmental justice, clean air, clean water, this is all very, very important.  So again, we made history with that part of the bill as well, as we contribute to lowering inflation, reducing the – the deficit, and again, helping families meet their needs.  Lower cost, bigger paychecks, safer communities in every way.  Thank you all for what you do.

And now I’m pleased to yield – am I yielding, yielding back to Brad?  Oh, to Leslie?  Let’s hear for Leslie.  He has been so remarkable.


So, so very remarkable.  Thank you, Leslie, over the years – as honored to be here with you today.  Okay, folks, here’s Leslie.


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